Science Lab

Spacious and well-equipped laboratories for the Sciences provide practical instruction for subjects like – physics, chemistry & biology. Regular research-oriented project displays, which are designed, constructed and implemented by the students, give opportunities to the students to exhibit their skills.


In this world of high-tech gizmos, no gadgets can replace the pleasure of reading a book. Our students have an access to the library of Educational books, Research books, Fiction, Non- fiction books, Reference books, Novels, Literature, Encyclopedia, Periodicals, Vocational guidance book, & General Knowledge books ,Magazines, News papers, Puzzle books, Quiz books etc.

Computer Lab

Our computer subjects curriculum installed in computer to keep our students update with the latest technology as well as to stimulate and sustain their interest in latest technology. We have fully centralized A.C. computer lab. Digital advanced technology equipped with audio visual aids used to enhance the student’s learning in proper way.

Play ground

The school provides training of indoor as well as outdoor Games and Sports like Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Table-Tennis, Kabbadi, Chess, Carrom, Skating and Yoga which ensure the quality of sportsmen spirit among students and improve their physical and mental health. Here, Sports and games are guided by professional trainers.

Art class

Our students learn about art, as it is the best medium for bringing out the best in children as well as it extends their imagination and makes them more creative.

Music & Dance class

Music and dance are such art forms which enhance the skill and talent of students. Here, Students learn vocal music and different traditional folk dances.


A three dimensional (3D) class fully equipped with Dolby sound proof and curriculum of science and mathematics which integrates self reflection, peer instruction ,content creation of learners and allow them to examine model, solve mathematical equation, understand pedagogy of science and invention.